Educating Yorkshire!

This week we’ve began Educating Yorkshire!

Our fab nurse Ellie Dunlop was ‘ Educating Yorkshire! ‘.  Well…. the local primary school in Romanby, Northallerton – but a marathon begins with the first step! Because of the amount of sugar hidden in foods, she taught children about the importance of visiting the dentist & looking after their teeth.

Educating Yorkshire!

Ellie ‘ Educating Yorkshire ‘

Bad News

Last year, there were 34,205 cases of under-10s receiving hospital treatment under general anaesthesia for tooth decay because of sugar consumption in England ALONE… that is twice as many as for a broken arm  

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then, maybe visit our own page for more information about general dental health.

Kids are having nearly three times more sugar than they should!

Be sugar smart

As many know, too much sugar can cause tooth decay. BUT in can also lead to the build up of harmful fat on the inside that we can’t see, and his fat around vital organs can cause weight gain and serious diseases in the future like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. In fact Obesity is the second most preventable causes of cancer.

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