Dr. Raph is highly regarded in the world of aesthetics for his unique techniques using dermal fillers, Profhilo and Viscoderm.
He shared his expertise with David and they combined their skills on the day to provide some truly stunning facial rejuvenation results!


Dr. David initially completed his advanced training in dermal fillers and botulinum toxin with Derma Medical UK.

His approach to fillers focuses on your facial shape & targets specific  areas using very small amounts of premium hyaluronic acid filler to create more natural looking enhancements. 

"Thanks to detailed research & mapping of the face,  dermal fillers can be used incredibly precisely to not only restore but also contour."

"In men, most often these techniques are used to create a more defined, masculine appearance, improving the definition of the angle of the mandible (jaw) and creating more of a rectangular chin.

With newer generation premium products, such as Aliaxin SV,, designed specifically for these areas, we now have the ability to really achieve incredible harmonious results. Placing smaller amounts more frequently will keep you looking fresh."