Polynucleotide micro injections are a safe effective way to help rejuvenate your skin, and are derived from DNA or RNA extracted from salmon or trout cells.

Nucleotides are the genetic materials that encode the instructions for the development, structure and function of all living organisms.

When injected, polynucleotides trigger two crucial transformations in our skin's behaviour.

Firstly, they prompt the skin to undergo intensive repair. They can improve scar tissue, stretch marks and minimise uneven texture on the skin.

Secondly, they have anti-inflammatory properties. They stimulate cellular renewal, collagen production, enhance elasticity and increase hydration. This leads to improved skin quality and less wrinkling.

Polynucleotides can be injected as a standalone treatment - as a course of 3-4 treatments.

However, at Orchard House we often combine polynucleotides with other treatments to enhance results further. They can act like  'fertilisers' for your skin or hair, and are a great way to prepare your skin for other rejuvenation treatments such as Morpheus 8, microneedling or plasma/dermal fillers.

Polynucleotides gradually dissipate over time, after providing the skin with its regenerative instructions.

Polynucleotide eyes

Dr. David injecting polynucleotides under the delicate eye area to improve wrinkling, hydration and dark circles.

Cosmetic effects of PNs

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