What is the Skin Microbiome?

Our skin houses a whole ecosystem that is invisible to the human eye, made up of billions of microorganisms.

Like fingerprints, there is considerable variability in microbiome from one person to the next, and there is no “standard microbiome recipe” for a healthy skin microbiome; it even changes as we age!

As our skin provides us with protection, it is crucial that it functions properly as we age.

Many common skin disorders are associated with local imbalances of the skin microbiota. These include, acne, eczema, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis as well as infections. There is also recent evidence that several bacteria and fungi may contribute to non-melanoma skin cancers, while other bacteria may protect against those cancers.

Skin problems may even be initiated by disturbing the skin-microbiota balance.

When there are too many of a particular species this causes a DYSBIOSIS.

Stephanie Phillips with BioJuve

What does BioJuve do?

BIOJUVE skincare uses one-of-a-kind, clinically proven living microbe technology. Using the power of a live strain of C. acnes defendens (Xycrobe™ Technology) it optimises skin health for a wide range of skin concerns. This beneficial bacteria is naturally found on our skin.

These microbial powerhouses, naturally produce and deliver potent Bioessentials™ such as proteins, fatty acids, polypeptides and antioxidants to help support a healthy skin environment, fight oxidative stressors, promote skin hydration, calm the skin, decrease  reddness and help to balance the appearance of oil/sebum. In fact they love sebum so much they can use it as food/ energy source!

These amazing Xycrobes can also up-regulate the same gene markers as retinoids - but without the irritation! Wow.🤩 

As facultative anaerobes, Xycrobes live and thrive both on the skin’s surface and deep within hair follicles, having 10x more access to skin cells. They provide around-the-clock skin biome care - promoting skin health and a balanced environment 24/7. 

What does the treatment involve?

It couldn't be simpler... BIOJUVE™ is a twice-daily regimen engineered to optimise skin health. All BIOJUVE products work together to enhance the unique performance of the living Xycrobe™ technology and to help your skin reach its full potential.

BioJuve AM RegimenBioJuve PM Regimen