Facial Treatments

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A holistic approach to anti-ageing solutions and skincare concerns.

Our treatments include both injectables and non-invasive therapies - injectables aren't for everybody!

We aim to provide natural looking results- using clinically proven regenerative medicine, nutrition & skin science.

Injectables such as Botox (Botulinum Toxin) and Dermal Fillers can used for both anti-ageing and correction. They can enhance features on our face such as lips and cheeks or they can hide undesired features such as frown lines, temple hollows, lip lines, nose to mouth lines, enlarged jaw muscles and 'gummy smiles.'

Why choose a Dentist to do my Facial Treatments..?? Surely they just treat teeth..!!

No! Dentists are trained to have detailed knowledge of the head and neck. This includes all the facial muscles, nerves and veins that make up the face.

Dentists also give many injections on a daily basis, 1000’s per year in fact! This vast experience with the technique obviously makes us ideal people to do these treatments.


Choose your practitioner wisely…

Treatments are carried out by Dr. Stephanie Phillips (GDC number: 209720) and Dr. David Banks (GDC 209602). Members of ACE Aesthetics Complications Expert Group & the Safety In Beauty Trusted Directory.

As well as being registered Dentists with the General Dental Council, Stephanie and David have undertaken extensive advanced training to provide both Anti-Wrinkle treatments, Dermal Fillers and more.

Stephanie holds a Merit in Facial Aesthetics from the Royal College of Surgeons, (RCS) London. This detailed training involved intense dissection of a cadaver human face and took 2 years to complete. Her aesthetic work was assessed by The Royal College's top physicians.

She has completed various further training courses on Harley Street, London and at the Aesthetics Academy of Glasgow. Stephanie is a also Specialist Advisor to the Care Quality Commission and inspects practices on their hygiene and safety.

David has completed clinical training at the Queen Victoria Hospital in Morecambe, and Oral Surgery placements at Lancaster Royal Infirmary. 

He has also completed advanced Facial Aesthetics training to enable him to provide Toxin injections, Dermal Fillers, Profhilo, Structura Plasma Filler & iPRF. As well as for Aesthetics, Toxin is a very effective treatment for teeth clenching/jaw pain/TMJD and 'Gummy' Smiles. Dermal/Plasma fillers can be used effectively to support the peri-oral area and reshape lips/ lip lines without them looking un-natural.

More recently he completed training in Cryotherapy, so he can treat Skin Blemishes and Pigmentation, such as Skin Tags, Solar Lentigo and Actinic & Seborrheic Keratosis etc. In addition he has trained to treat with Exosomes for prevention of Hair Loss and promotion of new Hair Growth

Stephanie, David & the team can provide the award winning Morpheus8 treatment, Lumecca IPL, Forma Radiofrequency Tightening and Hydrafacial..!! A revolutionary 3 or 6 step facial that cleanses, extracts, and hydrates your skin with ZERO downtime! 

Our Skin consultations can include a Digital Skin and Microscope Analysis and we can provide Zein Obagi ZO, pH Formula or IS Clinical skincare prescriptions, tailored to your skin concerns. Stephanie has both post graduate qualifications in Enhanced Skin Sciences and Clinical Dermatology as well as a Diploma in Dermatology from the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland.

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Always be wary of “CHEAP” Fillers, ‘Botox’ & Treatments generally

You can get the same treatment cheaper elsewhere, but there’s a reason for that! Will you be clinically SAFE? At Orchard House we use quality, reputable products that have a proven safety profile. Our products are the correct dilution and we store them in a pharmaceutical fridge.

You’re free to shop around of course. BUT, don’t ever let just anyone carry out treatments on your Face or Body. It can be dangerous and give terrible results. You could end up with botched and damaged skin, and features for life. @orchardhouse_aesthetics Dr. Stephanie is a Qualified Dentist and Fully Certified Aesthetic Practitioner.

More-so, we as a Dental Practice are inspected and regulated by the GDC & CQC to ensure we meet fundamental standards of Quality, Hygiene & Safety.

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