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“Restoration not Transformation”

Stephanie was fortunate enough to attend a fantastic Masterclass this weekend by Dr.Uche, one of the UK’s leading experts 👑in tear trough 👁️ 👁️ rejuvenation.

One of her favourite areas to treat !😍

Dr.Uche’s approach to under eye rejuvenation involves looking at the bigger picture, from restoring skin quality with regenerative treatments to the restoration of facial volume-such as cheeks and temples using extremely precise small amounts of Hyaluronic acid 💉

📝There is no “standard” tear trough treatment, where one method suits everyone. And even more importantly, not everyone’s eye area can cope with a water 💦 attracting product (Hyaluronic acid) being placed here.

⛑️Dr. Uche emphasised the importance of anatomy, safety and having other techniques available in your toolbox ☑️ (which I’m happy to say, ..we have many!) to help you achieve ✨refreshed ✨& natural looking results.

Thank you for a great day of learning👌