Dental Treatment Prices

New Patient Examination – inc. necessary x-rays£45
Routine Examination£352 per yr inc.1 per yr inc.
Urgent Appointment (for registered Patients, subject to availability)£20Inc.Inc.
Urgent Appointment (for non-registered Patients)£95 (+ cost of treatment)
X-rays (each)£6Inc.Inc.
Scale & Polish with Dentist£352/yr Inc.1/yr Inc.
Metal Filling (from)£60£50£55
White Filling (from)£70£60£65
Simple Root Canal Treatment (from)£170£155£160
Simple Extraction (from)£80£70£75
Complex Periodontal Treatment with Dentist (from)£95£95£95
Crowns (from)£400£360£380
Veneers (from)£370£350£360
Bridgework (price based on individual case)£POA£POA£POA
Zoom® 1 Hour Tooth Whitening£299£299£299
Home Tooth Whitening* (6%HP, 10%CP or 16%CP) inc Trays£199£199£199
Tooth Whitening Strips (14 upper & 14 Lower)£59£59£59
Dissolving Whitening Strips (56 per box)£39£39£39
Six Month Smiles® – Upper & Lower Teeth (inc. retainers & Hygiene Care as needed – no hidden costs)**£2,450£2,450£2,450
Gum Shield (clear/1 colour)£50£40£45
Gum Shield (multicolour/design)£60£50£55
Anti-Snoring Device£255£215£235

Please Note: The above list does not include all of the treatments we offer, it is merely a guide to our fees. this is because all treatment is tailored to individual needs, therefore actual costs will be discussed and agreed following your exam with Stephanie or David.

*Home Tooth Whitening reduced to £99 when purchased with Zoom®
**Home Tooth Whitening FREE with every Six Month Smiles® completion – PLUS – 10% discount if paid for in full upfront.

All prices are subject to change without prior notice, but we do regularly offer discounts & promotions.

Additional Treatments

Full Upper OR Lower Acrylic Denture£480£570
Full Upper AND Lower Acrylic Denture£890£990
Partial Upper or Lower Acrylic 1-3 Teeth)£340£410
Partial Upper or Lower Acrylic (4-6 Teeth)£360£430
Partial Upper or Lower Acrylic (9-13 Teeth)£450£540
Full Upper Chrome Denture*From £700£950
Partial Chrome Denture*From £560£650
Flexible (Valplast®) Partial Denture£450£540