A Beverly Hills Facial on your doorstep!

Hydrafacial is taking the world by storm. First of all, developed in the USA, and furthermore endorsed by Dr Obagi himself (!) this facial REALLY can help you achieve Skin Health for LIFE…and as a result gives LONG LASTING results.

If you have had a facial in a spa, it DOES feel great, but what are the long-term benefits? Is it really stimulating your skin to repair or regenerate at the cellular level? Well, put simply… No

Hydrafacial is a ‘medical device’. Its unique system is quick but EFFECTIVE & can deliver 6 facials… in 1hr = RESULT!!

Hydrafacial Northallerton Orchard House Dental Care & Facial Aesthetics

You can of course book 6 separate facials at a Beauty Salon. BUT this may set you back in excess of £400! 

A single 1hr Hydrafacial is a fraction of the price at approximately £120

6 facials? 1hr?? OH YES!!!

  1. Detox facial (lymphatic drainage): this stimulates the lymphatic system, so consequently restores hydration and removes toxins.
  2. Deep cleanse and exfoliation (microdermabrasion) Removes the layers of dead skin.
  3. Acid Peel; softens and brings impurities to the surface, so brings a natural glow to the skin
  4. Extraction: purges out blackheads, impurities and mimimises pore size. Therefore creates a clearer complexion.
  5. Hydrating facial: antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid. Hydrafacial delivers these deep into the skin, providing ultimate hydration, improved texture, clarity and healthy skin.
  6. Rejuvenation with LED (light therapy): Red light stimulates collagen and elastin, reduces wrinkle and calms skin, Blue light kills acne causing bacteria.

All Hydrafacial treatments are tailored to your skin needs on prescription by Dr. Stephanie, who will carry out a skin assessment first.

At Orchard House Dr. Stephanie, Ellie & Laura are all qualified in providing Hydrafacial.

Although we are a ‘dental practice’, I would hope you would find our upstairs ‘atmosphere’ less ‘dental’!!  BUT as such, be reassured that you are in a safe, clean, clinical & sterile environment with qualified, regulated medical professionals.