Botox treatment for enlarged cheeks and jaw

Jaw Botox

Did you know Botox can change the shape of your face? Or more accurately, did you know a few of your facial muscle groups could be overdeveloped. Or actually just very well developed. These can ‘bulk’ out certain specific areas of a face. Botox can counteract this. If you didn’t know, keep reading!

Well what is Botox? Simply it is a toxin that blocks the signals that nerves send to muscle groups telling them to flex. This implies that Botox paralyses muscle groups to varying degrees. However based on the doses utilised and how big the muscle group targeted is, this isn’t entirely accurate. In cosmetic treatment we concentrate a lot on muscles that trigger and cause lines around the facial area. This is to be able to prevent or erase lines and wrinkles. For most people this is around the eyes, the forehead or between your brows. However, muscles that cause lines aren’t just guilty of making us look older, ‘angry’ or worried. They can even make our face look more masculine than perhaps we would wish.


In the busy times we find ourselves in nowadays, many of us spend our days and nights subconsciously or even consciously grinding our teeth. This is Bruxism. In its mildest type this can result in a scalloped appearance to the sides of your tongue. Also swellings within your cheeks from chewing the insides. But serious sufferers could cause tooth damage, head aches, earache, neck discomfort, facial pain, improved tooth sensitivity and actually an inability to open up your mouth. A lot more than that, bruxism in virtually any form can cause a bulkiness in the cheek muscles. At the angle of the jaw it can make that persons face wider than at the temples, with an angular contour to it.

In men this is often considered attractive and masculine. Think about Clark Kent’s square chiselled jaw, Brad Pitt, Ashton Kutcher, Henry Cavill…the list goes on.

brad pitt cheeks botox ashton kutcher cheeks botox henry cavill cheeks botox

The “ideal” woman’s face form is usually oval or heart-shaped. There are some ladies with squarer jaws that are thought of by many as beautiful (think Kiera Kinghtly, Diane Kruger, Demi Moore for example). Many though would believe that their attractiveness and contour of their face would be even more feminine or softer, had been it less angular.

kiera knightley cheeks botox diane kruger cheeks botox demi moore cheeks botox

Want to correct that shape??

That’s where Botox becomes a little miracle in a bottle. By injecting a few spots into each cheek muscle we can weaken the muscle strength. You’ll still be in able to speak normally and chew, but the majority of the power will reduce. Over time the muscle will shrink back to normal, smoothing the contour of the face which makes it a softer line.

Before and after jaw botox

For people who suffer from any type of pain linked to bruxism or teeth-grinding there is generally marked relief a couple of days after the 1st treatment. Within the 1st couple of weeks the appearance of the face changes as the muscle groups relax and exercise much less. This result continues for around three months when the Botox will start to wear  on off and the muscle start working once again. For chronic teeth-grinders, treatments should be at regular intervals, as it eventually wears off.

As with any aesthetic injectable we advise that you only go to a trained professional, and at Orchard House Aesthetics, you can be sure of this. A full assessment from a dental perspective is done to give the reason for your bruxism. This may involve recommending wearing a bite splint to help prevent tooth wear and damage.

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