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Viscoderm Hydrobooster to the rescue!

Goodbye fine lines and wrinkles!

At last, the long-awaited little sister of Profhilo, Viscoderm Hydrobooster, is here at Orchard House!

Viscoderm is a non-cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid gel, injected into very specific areas of the face. It encourages hydration and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

This addition to the Italian pharmaceutical company IBSA’s collection, looks to be just as effective as Profhilo, offering those ‘subtle’, but noticeable improvements. And they continue to improve over 8 weeks.

What does Hydrobooster do?

Similar to its sister product, Profhilo, Viscoderm Hydrobooster is a pure hyaluronic acid.

So, for a start, Viscoderm offers deep hydration and leaves skin looking radiant and super smooth. Skin feels ‘springier’ as elasticity improves, and it also offers a superficial ‘stretching’ of skin. The skin appears plumper in the areas treated and wrinkles are less obvious.

Profhilo mostly treats mid and lower face skin ‘laxity’, Viscoderm is injected superficially into all the fine lines and wrinkles over the face. From the forehead to chin lines, -making it a fantastic stand-alone treatment in its own right. But paired with Profhilo, these sisters are a game-changer in our battle against the loss of collagen as we age.

Which areas does it treat?

Viscoderm Hydrobooster offers both deep hydration and a superficial stretching of wrinkles, making it fantastic for those traditionally difficult to treat areas- such as perioral (smoker’s/barcode lip lines), wrinkles all around the eyes and forehead lines.

How do you use it?

We use Hydrobooster on its own or as an alternative to Botox. It is also fantastically effective when combined with other treatments and is a great add on for those annoying wrinkles that Botox can’t treat. It’s also a really effective treatment for those trickier areas on the face, like upper lip lines and crow’s feet.

We’re loving this new treatment already and I’m sure this will become a firm favourite for 2019-2020!

Does it hurt?

No. We apply a topical numbing cream beforehand or the option of local anaesthetic (dental) injections for treating lip lines. The needle we use is super fine and only micro droplets of Viscoderm is put into the skin each time.

At Orchard House we use Clinisept Anti-microbial solution to ensure thorough cleansing and sterility of the skin prior to any aesthetic procedure.