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What's the buzz about Polynucleotides?

Polynucleotides have been making the headlines this year but what are they?

Polynucleotides are actually made from fragments of trout DNA (yes, trout - the fish).

They are "Biostimulators.'

You might already know, that our DNA and RNA contain lots of 'codes'. They make us who we are.

Our cells read 'codes', they instruct them what to do.

Polynucleotide fragments from trout can mirror human DNA (nucleotide) fragments. So, by injecting these fragments, they act like a ‘code' to  trigger our own regeneration and repair processes, reduce inflammation and stimulate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production.

This is achieved by up-regulating our fibroblast cell activity.

Fibroblast cells are powerhouse cells for tissue regeneration, restoring skin tone and elasticity. 

Polynucleotides also have an antioxidant and hydrating effect in addition to their bio-remodelling actions, therefore resulting in skin that looks and feels much healthier!

At Orchard House both Stephanie & David provide the latest purified polynucleotide treatments alone or in combination with other treatments. We can advise this at your consultation appointment.

They especially work well  in hard to treat areas such as under and around the eyes- to improve crêpey lines and dark circles, they also help to tighten enlarged pores, with very little downtime at all

A bit like going to the gym, we have to put the work in initially to see change, so we do advise a course of treatments to get the best results then we can go to a maintenance plan of a couple of times a year!

Polynucleotide eyesIMG_9565

tear troughs before and after