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Did you know…?

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Botox for face Thinning and Jaw Reduction Orchard House Dental Care Northallerton

Jaw Botox

Jaw Botox Did you know Botox can change the shape of your face? Or more accurately, did you know a few of your facial muscle groups could be overdeveloped. Or actually just very well developed. These can ‘bulk’ out certain specific areas of a face. Botox can counteract this. If you didn’t know, keep reading!

Profhilo available at Orchard House Northallerton

Profhilo: THE anti-wrinkle treatment

Profhilo THE anti-wrinkle treatment It’s not really a filler and it doesn’t ‘freeze’ your forehead. but it is the the most recent ‘tweakment’ There’s a new treatment on the market that’s expected to be huge demand in 2019. It’s known as Profhilo. It’s a number of small injections to the face that rehydrates and re-textures […]

amelia and ellie doing cpr

Managing Medical Emergencies

Today Orchard House staff completed their annual Medical Emergencies, CPR & AED training.

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restylane skinboosters

Lips through the decades…!

A Masterclass in dermal fillers by Restylane.

By Stephanie Phillips BDS (Liverpool, UK) BSc(Hons) Biochemistry, MSc. Dietetics

So no matter how long you’ve been in the field of facial aesthetics, it’s so important to keep up with the latest research & techniques.

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Alzheimer’s Walk photo

Val’s memory walk for Alzheimer’s

On 16thSept 2018 our practice manager Val Cook, along with a few family members and friends, completed the Peterborough Alzheimer’s Society Memory walk.

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Emergency Dental Care Northallerton

5 tips to help reduce sensitive teeth

While a wince here and there when having ice cream etc. is common, sensitive teeth can be a daily nuisance and a right pain in the mouth! Here’s 5 tips to help reduce sensitive teeth. Read more

Educating Yorkshire school visit

Educating Yorkshire!

This week we’ve began Educating Yorkshire!

Our fab nurse Ellie Dunlop was ‘ Educating Yorkshire! ‘.  Well…. the local primary school in Romanby, Northallerton – but a marathon begins with the first step! Because of the amount of sugar hidden in foods, she taught children about the importance of visiting the dentist & looking after their teeth.

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